Wedding dance

Getting married? Congratulations! We have lots of ideas to make your wedding dance special.

Sometimes couples say that the dance unites both of them better and also they can reopen themselves through dance.

Anyway, it’s an amazing experience. It doesn’t matter if you used to dance before or not, we have something to offer not only for dancers but for those who never to.

There are couples who want to dance within a short period of time and those who have enough time for preparations; anyway we can make a dance for 4 to 8 lessons.

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First of all choose the music – is it waltz, or slow dance or mixture of different music styles – and we’ll do the rest – we’ll teach you different dance moves and will choose which suits you better and don’t make you look awkward.

Each couple looks individually and sometimes it’s hard to say on our first meeting what we’ll have in the end. But you’ll definitely be yourselves on the dance floor!

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