Dance course

Wanna dance? Welcome to our club!

Never too late to start – it’s a rule we know for sure. Carmen Vincelji started her dance career when she was 17 and became a world champion a few years later. Our Lithuanian mentor Rimantas Motiejunas is now in his 80-s and always has something new for eager dancers to try.

You can dance with us:

*  If you want to have some fun, take part in the performances, contests and shows.

*  If you want to dance to your maximum by learning new moves and styles, experiment and travel.

*  If you need some change, variety and fresh ideas, be excited by moving without showing off.

*  If you have a short period of free time like a week, month or a couple of weeks we can offer individual programs to meet your needs so that you can learn to dance something special.

* If you want to make a surprise for your friends or colleagues at a party, wedding or you simply have lots of energy and ideas – we like challenges and experimenting with the new images, music and will be excited to put them into dance practice.

*  If you like travelling and adventure – make use of your holidaying – to dance on seminars, competitions and workshops and to have some fun in Lithuania, Poland, Bulgaria, Italy and within Ukraine – in Carpathian mountains or Crimea.

*  If you need an effective dance performance at your party, exhibition or concert – we’ve got a few ready to burn the floor.

*  If you dance already and looking for a good couch – we learn from best teachers and you can join us too.

Get ready to dance to your maximum!

Call +38 097 35 85 465 to get the best offer for you!